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        Cooperation scope


        As a leading business in domestic resource development and recycling economy, Kingho Group has set up several large-scale recycling economy parks at home and abroad based on resource development. The group advocates and implements the idea of recycling economy to change the original exploitation in extensive form. It uncovers untapped value of resources through the industrial chain circulation, improves utilization efficiency, and realizes sustainable and environmental goal.

        Mongolia: In reply to the call of the country, China Kingho Group took the lead to going out and successfully developed of Naryn Sukhait coal mine in 2003, which was really a leading card among private companies in terms of large scale resource development in foreign countries, as well as a good example in implementation of "going out" and "north open" strategy for Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the whole country. Mongolia cooperation projects have not only fueled the local economy, but also greatly improved the local infrastructure and public utilities, thus the company has won recognition and praise from Mongolia government and the locals.

        Mozambique: The ministry of commerce of China issued “Certificate of Overseas Investment” to Kingho Group, which also announced the foundation of “Mozambique Kingho Investment co., Ltd.”. In the principle of "Promoting Infrastructure Construction and Social and Economic Development", Kingho Group negotiates with Mozambique government departments, and the both party entered a framework agreement. The company made investigations on Mozambique agriculture, railway, port, channel, water conservancy and other areas and proposed preliminary construction planning.

        Sierra Leone: The ministry of commerce of China issued “Certificate of Overseas Investment” to Kingho Group, which also announced the foundation of “Sierra Leone Kingho Investment co., Ltd.”. Kingho Group and Sierra Leone government departments explored cooperation. Finally, the company won the exploration right in several areas within Sierra Leone through hard work.

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